Meet Cari

Cari Draft

EcoTrek’s Beginnings

After being a personal fitness trainer for several years and always encouraging my fitness clients to explore the outdoors while working out, I created EcoTrek Fitness in 2006.

I took a group of girlfriends and clients on a mini-EcoTrek session near Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, even as many of them claimed they would rather stay home! Not only did they enjoy the outdoor group workout, they admitted that they would be willing to pay me to take them out regularly. I was determined to keep my “peeps” moving into the winter months and we found that if we dressed for the weather, we could workout outside all year long - even in Michigan!

As popularity of the sessions grew and word quickly spread, I began hiring leaders to offer EcoTrek sessions in other areas. There are almost 3,000 people who have experienced an EcoTrek Fitness session and we continue to grow each year.

Creating a Fitness Bar with Personality

In 2011, I partnered with a company producing healthy protein-packed bars; but they had a few complicated ingredients and over 200 calories in each bar. They were excited to work with me on reducing the calories to 195, making the bars vegan and dairy-free and including only gluten-free ingredients. The bar was customized with my fitness clients in mind, made only for EcoTrek Fitness, and now I’m sharing it with everyone!