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Interested in learning what an Ecotrek Fitness workout or personal training session with Cari is really like? Read what past customers and clients have to say!

EcoTrek Fitness Workouts

“One of my favorite exercises I have really enjoyed doing is EcoTrek. I have gotten the best workout compared to other forms of exercise. It works my whole body and it’s unique because I am outside in nature. I have seen deer, unique trees, plants, wood carved by a woodpecker, the smells of rain, flowers, etc. It’s also a lot of fun, while your burning a lot of fat and toning up at the same time. I also enjoyed meeting new people/friends and we always had such a great time! I would highly recommend EcoTrek to anyone at any fitness level and age! Try it and I guarantee you with love it and not be bored! No more stinky gyms and/or touching sweaty gym equipment.”

- Carol K.

“Cari has compiled a highly competent group of ‘Ecoleaders’. I’ve ‘felt the love’ from each of them and value greatly the passion and energy they bring to their sessions.”

- Melissa D.

“I’ve been Eco-trekking for over 5 years, and have enjoyed every session. I love everything about Eco-Trek Fitness, from enjoying the wonderful parks, to getting both a great strength and cardio workout in a 75 minute window. Mostly, I love the friendships that have developed over the years. I am a healthier person in all aspects because of Eco-Trek Fitness!”

- Sherry S.

“A really big change for me has been an increase in stamina. I actually feel more energized at the end of the workout than I do at the beginning.”

- Norma P.

“EcoTrek can sound intimidating, but I’ve always found that there is a place for everyone at every fitness level I’ve set and achieved goals I never thought possible.”

- Jamie H.

“It’s great being outside. Rather than being intimidated, I think of it as a challenge.”

- Nate S.

“Hats off to Cari and all the EcoTrek leaders for showing us the way. Rain or shine, hot or cold, take me ‘trekking’ baby!”

- Kay R.

Personal Training

“I’ve been working with Cari for several years in both strength and flexibility, and am amazed how many new things she comes up with each week!”

- Mort F.

“There is no one else I would rather trust with my weekly workout plan than Cari. She holds me accountable week after week, even given my travel schedule and busy days. I highly recommend Cari Draft; her positivity and great outlook are infectious.”

- Doug M.

“Cari’s personal training will surpass all expectations. She combines life coaching with physical training to ensure success. Cari incorporates a ‘green philosophy’ using the outdoors as her workout arena. Cari turns hopes into reality.”

- Jill M.

“In my one-on-one sessions with Cari she is always able to spot my trouble areas and give me new workouts to follow for complete strength training. Muscle confusion is the key and she keeps it interesting, functional exercises are making my core stronger every day.”

- Mike E.

“Cari is results-oriented and a bit of a task-master. All great attributes for a trainer. I would highly recommend Cari and I will hire her again and again.”

- Amy A.

“This is a remarkable woman with extreme tenacity, unfailing professionalism, and basic human kindness and empathy for clients and those around her. Her theme is positivity and the results of her work with clients is obvious and marked. I would recommend her without reserve for anyone hoping to improve their physical and spiritual status.”

- Franklin L.

“Cari’s enthusiasm, knowledge and work ethic are unrivaled. She has my unqualified recommendation!”

- Charlie H.

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